measure Англійська перевод і приклади пропозицій


n. action, step; unit of size or capacity; criterion; device for measuring; amount, degree, extent; system of measuring; meter, cadence; legislative bill or act; prescribed distance or quantity
v. weigh, gauge, quantify; assess, evaluate, estimate; allot in measured amounts, allocate; be of a specific quantity or size or distance
Dictionary Extension
1. dimension: size, capacity, quantity, mass, volume, frequency, magnitude
2. action: proceeding, move, manoeuvre, procedure, step
3. standard: pattern, rule, test, example
4. gauge: scale, calibrate, rank, grade, rule, survey, standard
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Present participle: measuring
Present: measure (3.person: measures)
Past: measured
Future: will measure
Present conditional: would measure
Present Perfect: have measured (3.person: has measured)
Past Perfect: had measured
Future Perfect: will have measured
Past conditional: would have measured