run into

v. आना, आया करना, टकराना, टकरा जाना

Приклади пропозицій

I ran into an old friend.
मेरी एक पुराने दोस्त से मुलाक़ात हुई।
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I ran into an old friend of mine outside the station.
मुझे स्टेशन के बाहर अपना एक पुराना दोस्त मिल गया।
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be beset by: be, encounter
collide violently with an obstacle: knock against, hit, collide with, jar against, strike, bump into, butt against, impinge on
hit against; come into sudden contact with: spang, bump, connect, touch, glance, thud, bottom, ping, stub, bump into, strike, spat, knock against, hit, clash, jar against, collide, bottom out, knock, collide with, broadside, bang, rear-end, butt against, impinge on
come together: gather, cross, foregather, assemble, see, forgather, intersect, come across, meet, run across, encounter

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