1. (général) ingrediente (m) 2. (meubles) elemento (m)
3. (chimie) elemento (m) 4. (composant) componente (f); parte (f); elemento (m)
5. (donnée) dato (m); elemento (m)

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Obviously, it is also a key element for studying or working.
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There is so much of the element of protection in a man’s love!
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and in his search for sensations that would be at once new and delightful, and possess that element of strangeness that is so essential to romance,
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His great wealth was a certain element of security.
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The best popular element, which instinctively seeks an explanation of every proceeding, remained in suspense, not knowing which way to turn.
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The Honda models recalled include the Fit, Element, and CR-V; while for Nissan it is the Cube, X-Trail, and some Infiniti models. Mazda is recalling the Atenza and RX-8.
(Voice of America)
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The nobility of France were descended from Germanic warriors established in the country after the so-called invasion of the barbarians. The middle and lower classes were the Gallic-Celtic element.
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The great man could only reply by lamenting the indifference of the military department toward the civilian element; it always had been inimical toward parliamentarism.
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(1) p = 3 is ramified, that is, F, so 3 ~ A2, where F, A is a prime element of A.
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a - a sector angle of a single reverser bucket slot element (15°-30°).
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1. milieu: atmosphère familière
2. sujet
3. substance: partie, détail, donnée, facteur, germe, matière, molécule, morceau
4. notion: principe, rudiment
5. élément de composition: éléments

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