n. seele, geist, herz, gemüt, mut

Приклади пропозицій

A database called ANIMO is to be used in connection with this for communication between the different stations.
вимова вимова
(4) The work carried out in Community studies and seminars has shown that the architecture of the Animo network needs to be revised to create a veterinary system that includes various computer applications.
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(1) Various Community studies and seminars indicate that the ANIMO network architecture should be reviewed with a view to establishing a veterinary system that includes all the different computerised applications used.
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(1) Whereas the various works carried out at Community level during studies and seminars in particular require the systems architecture of the Animo network to be revised so that a veterinary system integrating the various computer applications can be introduced;
вимова вимова


1. intención: voluntad, propósito, decisión, resolución
2. energía: vigor, fuerza, fortaleza, denuedo, brío, espíritu
3. aliento: exhortación, incitación

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